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  • African Service:
    10:30 AM Saturday
  • English Service:
    9:15 AM Sunday
  • Spanish Service:
    11:45 AM Sunday

711 Benton Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64124

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To follow the Lord's command of making disciples by baptizing; instructing the baptized in God's Word and by the power of the Holy Spirit to love and develop relationships with our parish neighbors through offering the Father's provision for their spiritual and physical needs.

In the last ten years, Our Redeemer has:

This is accomplished strictly through donations from individuals, groups, other churches, etc. We accept donations of food, clothing and financial gifts. 

Our Pastoral Staff

Rev Brad Zerkel Rev Vincente Sanchez-Zapata Shad Deah
 Pastor Brad Zerkel    
Pastor Associate Pastor Liberian Ministry Spiritual Leader
Email: Pastor Zerkel Email: Pastor Sanchez  


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